Meet Matt:

Matt has grown up all his life in Mission BC and has took advantage of the rivers and streams right outside his back door. Growing up so close to the Fraser and many other rivers, Matt has had the opportunity to get to know the fisheries in the area quite well. He is not only know for catching a few sturgeon in his day but has quite the passion for fly fishing. In 2014 Matt tried out for the Canadian Youth National Fly Fishing Team. Since he has made the team he has represented Team Canada all around the world. He has competed in 2 World Youth Fly Fishing Championships and had quite a few accomplishments under his belt such as: top 20 in the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships in Slovenia 2017, 3rd place in the 2016 North American Loch Style Fly Fishing Championships and top youth fly fisherman in BC for the 2017 season.

Whether it’s salmon, trout or steelhead Matt will ensure that you have a good time while chasing them.
Along with his passion and skills with fly fishing, Matt can provide the sturgeon fishing experience of a lifetime. Since he was young he has been fishing the muddy waters of the Fraser for sturgeon. Having great success on the water catching some rather large fish, he will ensure that you will have a fun filled day on the water creating a few more fish stories that will last a lifetime.